Advice From Our Residential Flooring Store: 4 tips for the perfect installation color

Advice from our residential flooring store - 4 tips for the perfect color
As you can imagine, there’s an art to matching colors. It’s a subject that architects and interior decorators study for years. So, don’t be too discouraged if you need some extra assistance from our residential flooring store professionals! To help you get started on figuring out which style would best suit your home, here are a few basic tips that will simplify choosing room colors.

#1: Assess the room size

The color of your residential flooring plays a huge role in how your room will feel, regardless of its size. For instance, consider using dark or warm tones if your space is wide or large. These tones will help make the room cozier. In smaller areas that feel cramped, go for lighter colors or natural wood tones. Light oak or light beige, for example, can make your space feel airier.

#2: Consider the use of your space

Since colors will have a significant impact on the atmosphere of a space, be mindful of how you paint or decorate your walls. Get a cheerier feel with light, bright colors. For a sense of purity opt for whites, while grey neutrals portray a sense of calm and peace. Want a classier appeal? Then choose black. If a rustic style is your preference, then go for natural browns.

#3: Think about the effects of lighting

Of course, the professionals at our residential flooring retailer often remind homeowners about the effects of lighting a room. Throughout the day, the natural light that filters into your space will change the appearance of it. Mid-afternoon light will look vastly different than mid-morning light. As such, look at the samples of your residential floors in various lighting to give you a clear picture of what it will look like in your room. Certainly, consider the space with artificial lighting as well.

#4: Don’t forget the ‘big picture”

While you may like one particular type of flooring, it may not blend well with the furniture and décor in your space. Therefore, we always recommend that people bring in various objects to help determine which surfacing would be most ideal. Wall colors, throws, comforters, pillows – you name it, they're going to help make your decision all that much easier.  

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