Can Carpet Be Installed Over An Existing Floor Covering?

can carpet be installed over existing floor covering

A new floor covering also requires a flooring installation, and if carpet is your material of choice, we understand you probably have some questions. Today, we’re going to spend a few moments on whether carpets can be installed over existing floor coverings, so read along with us for that information.

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You can install carpet over almost any floor covering, provided the existing floors are in good condition and do not require extensive repairs. That means you can easily install carpet over tile, laminate, luxury vinyl, or other hard surface floor coverings.

One of the advantages of installing carpet over existing flooring is that you save time removing it. You’ll also find the old flooring acts as an additional layer of insulation, which can work to save you even more money on your utility bills due to heat retention.

Before installing your new carpet, be sure to prepare the old flooring, which we will discuss once you’re ready to begin. This can include cleaning the surfaces and ensuring they are dry before installation begins, so be sure to visit us when you're ready to get your new flooring project underway.

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