Can Carpet Be Installed Over The Existing Flooring?

can carpet be installed over an existing flooring

If you have an existing floor covering that you do not want to tear out, you may be happy to know that you might be able to do a carpet installation over the top with no problems. In today’s post, we will talk more about that to help you determine if this is a choice that might be right for your home.

Flooring installation you can trust

Carpet can be installed over many existing floor coverings, including old carpet. Many homeowners prefer this method, as it saves time and money by not having to dispose of the old flooring.

You can also install carpet over tile flooring, as long as the surface has been adequately prepared, cleaned, and thoroughly dried. It is even easier to install it over laminate and luxury vinyl, and the results will be just as perfect.

Installing any floor covering over an existing floor means you will have more insulation, helping to increase heat retention, noise suppression, and comfort, so be sure to consider all your options. If you have questions about the process or would like to speak about your options in person, we invite you to visit at your convenience for all the details.

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