Can Floors Be Installed Without Removing Baseboards?

can flooring be installed without removing the baseboards

The flooring installation process can have many different requirements, depending on the specific floor covering you choose. So, it’s not uncommon to wonder about whether your baseboards will need to be removed during the process, and we’ll take a look at that question today.

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There are many various flooring materials for you to choose from, and the truth is each installation process varies, especially when it's time to install it in your personal space. The need to remove baseboards can depend on many factors, especially regarding the material you are installing.

For example, baseboards don't need to be removed to install hardwood flooring. However, it would help if you kept in mind that these materials require an expansion gap around the perimeter, and baseboards are an excellent way to cover that up so that it's not unsightly, especially in areas with high traffic.

Many thin materials, such as luxury vinyl or laminate, can be installed without removing baseboards, as can carpet. But it's always best to work with your flooring professional to work out the details of your specific needs for the best possible results.

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