Can Hardwood Be Installed On Stairs In My Residence?

Can hardwood be installed on stairs in my residence
Hardwood is a durable floor covering that can be installed on stairs as well as in living areas of the home. Both solid hardwood and engineered wood flooring are appropriate for stairs. Engineered wood planks are composed of a base layer, usually made of plywood, that is topped by a layer of hardwood. You can find hardwood flooring in many wood species, textures, and styles at Young Interiors in Longs, South Carolina. Our experienced installers are experts at installing all types of hardwood on stairs.


There are different types of staircases, and each one takes up a certain amount of space and offers a unique visual appeal. Straight stairs and L-shaped stairs are two common styles. Storage stairs make practical use of the space underneath the staircase. It's also possible to turn each riser into a drawer. Keep the following terms in mind when discussing hardwood installation on stairsteps with project specialists:
  • Tread - horizontal wood pieces that form the stairs; the part that is walked on
  • Riser - vertical wood pieces that cover the back of each step; the part that elevates the tread
  • Nosing - horizontal edge of the stairstep

Wood stairs

With flooring installation, boards are nailed to a wood subfloor whether those boards are placed in a room or on stairs. In other words, hardwood is put on top of the existing staircase, which is usually made of plywood. A solid wood rounded or square bullnose can be attached to the front of the steps with nails and glue. Also, the staircase can be modified, if desired, and treads and risers can be repaired, if necessary. A carpet runner can be installed on the hardwood steps to add color or texture to your space or to increase traction when walking up or down the steps.

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