Can I Use Only Residential Carpet In My Home?

Can I use only residential carpet in my home
Not at all! But you do need to understand the primary difference between the two types of flooring, as well as the needs and priorities of each room.

You also need to knowledge your concerns so that you get the installation that's right for you.

When it comes to your property, whether in Myrtle Beach or elsewhere, a big priority for flooring is often comfort and style. For instance, you want something plush and warm to step down on first thing in the morning so you might want something with a high pile for this installation, such as a Frieze or Shag.

Commercial, on the other hand, has a shorter pile and tighter loop so it can withstand the heavy foot traffic and dirt for which those facilities are known. 

Times when you might want to use commercial rugs

You may also have a residential home office where you have chairs with wheels, residents who use mobility devices, or you might even be training a puppy and want some extra durability.

Stair flooring has two priorities: safety and durability. A rug is often the preferred choice because hard surfaces can be a little slippery and the falls are hard; carpeting provides traction. It needs to be a low pile and thinner is often better since it wraps around railings and gives support to the foot so no one slips and falls.

The carpet installation also has to handle the number of people and pets running up and down all day.

On the other hand, there are some kinds of flooring that, while not carpet, are often typically thought of for the home but can be just as appropriate and durable for an outside facility. An example is when I walked into a medical office last week and saw an installation of gorgeous wood-look luxury vinyl.

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