Can Vinyl Flooring Be Installed Without Glue

can vinyl flooring be installed without glue

You will love many things about luxury vinyl plank and tile, including the quick and easy flooring installation that comes along with it. You can even install certain products without using any glue at all, making it not only fast and simple but also clean and easy to clean up after.

Installation methods for vinyl flooring

Glue is undoubtedly one of the most common mediums for attaching a vinyl floor covering, but it isn't the only way. You may find the other methods a better option for your household, so be sure to ask about available choices.

A floating floor is one way to go glueless, although some methods do utilize glue around the edges to secure those pieces in place. But a loose-lay vinyl is a perfect way to ensure no adhesives are used at all. Instead, these floors adhere to the subflooring or existing flooring by friction, with a thick, heavy backing that holds the materials in place.

If you are ready to find the perfect vinyl flooring that does not utilize glue for the installation, be sure to stop by and speak with a flooring specialist. We look forward to helping you find options you will truly enjoy.

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