Confused About Which Residential Flooring Installation Is For You?

Confused about which residential flooring installation is for you
All of the choices are great, but they can also lead to a little confusion.  We'll list one big benefit for each of our flooring products.

It comes down to lifestyle

When it comes to residential use, there will be different priorities.  After all, with commercial flooring, it just must be able to stand up to heavy foot traffic and look good.

When the installation is in the home, however, you have to think of everything.

  • Where and how will it be used?
  • Is there heavy or light foot traffic? 
  • Will it stand up to playing kids and running pets? 
  • Do I have senior residents prone to falls and who also use mobility devices?

Here's a big question to ask yourself, Myrtle Beach: Do I love the beach so much that I will often track soil and moisture on the flooring?

An important point about each flooring product

  • Carpet.  Professional cleaning is a must, especially when you live in a beach area.  We recommend vacuuming several times a week, but it only gets the surface dirt. Carpet fibers will trap soil and pollutants and they'll remain in the rug until it’s deeply scrubbed.

  • Tile.  Stylish and easy to clean, you can mix and match the pieces to create your personalized design. If budget is a concern, you can create various price points by using more plain ones on the larger areas, with a few highly designed ones as accents.

  • Hardwood.  This installation is warm, rich and elegant, it adds value to your property.  If you’re planning to sell, know that prospective buyers will often pay more for a home with wood floors.

  • Luxury vinyl. Ultra-durable and completely waterproof, this material is an amazing simulation of wood, tile or stone.  It comes in many species, colors, patterns, and designs. Features, such as embossing, give it a textured appearance.

  • Laminate. Want those glossy wood floors you see in the design pages? You can have it with laminate planks; the vinyl is cut into strips and then it's all mounted on boards to resemble the real thing. 

For more information, come into the Young Interiors showroom in Myrtle Beach or Longs, SC. We do not only flooring installation, but also flooring repair and services such as rug binding. Ask about our free estimate and in-home measuring.