Do I Need To Move My Furniture For A Flooring Installation?

Do I need to move furniture for a flooring installation
Yes, whether you choose to move it all yourself or whether it’s included as part of the estimate, any room should be empty for a flooring installation. This is because our professional installers need room to work. To do an installation correctly, it needs to be accurate; for example, if we are installing carpet, we need to stretch it precisely against the wall. If we have to maneuver around furniture, it may not be as exacting as it should be.

Second, any installation will create dust and debris, which can travel onto your other furnishings. Sometimes we’ll even suggest covering windows. Third, there are heavy tools, adhesives, and other products that can also harm other furnishings.

An installation preparation checklist

Preparation goes a long way toward a smooth, fast and easy installation. These are some of the things you need to consider: If you have pets, how will you secure them safely? Will you put them in another room, crate them or have them visit a friend or relative? Also, consider if the noise will disturb them; sometimes, they get anxious from the sounds of hammering or drilling.

Will you need alternate plans for cooking or showering, or will you need access to important documents? Have you checked floor heights? If the flooring is too thick, doors may not close properly. If this is a complete renovation, will you paint walls before or after? Some prefer to install the flooring first since heavy equipment, and flooring rolls can ding and scratch walls. On the other hand, if you paint after, be sure the new floor is covered correctly. Do the installers have a preference?

We make the flooring installation process a breeze

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