Does Flooring Need To Be Acclimated Before Installation

does flooring have to be acclimated before installation

Some flooring types, such as solid wood, laminate, and luxury vinyl, require acclimation and, even though engineered hardwood is stable, some manufacturers suggest it anyway. The best thing is to check with the professionals at your flooring store and read the instructions carefully. Every manufacturer has its own set of requirements and recommendations, and you need to be sure it's followed for your particular product.

What is acclimation?

This is a process whereby the flooring is left in the room in which it’s to be installed for several days before the flooring installation. Then, after that, they can be left in open boxes or taken out and placed on the floor.

This is an essential process because wood, including the wood by-products of laminate, is porous; it absorbs and releases moisture to balance itself with its surroundings. While there is no wood in vinyl, the material itself, especially luxury vinyl, is susceptible to temperature changes. Sheet vinyl generally is not affected, but check with the manufacturer to see if they still recommend it.

What happens if I don’t acclimate?

Here are some things that can happen to solid wood. Warping alters plank shape because moisture levels fluctuate, causing random shrinkage and expansion. Cupping means the edges of a plank are higher, resulting in the look of, well, a cup, while the opposite, crowning, happens when the boards crowd each other, resulting in a higher center. Buckling, one of the more extreme causes of moisture damage, refers to the wood pulling away from the subfloor.

The same thing can happen to the other flooring types who require this process.

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