Flooring To Answer Your Heart's Desire

Flooring to answer your heart's desire
There are so many choices of colors, patterns and designs, it can make your head swim, but there’s one major thought anyone in the market for a residential flooring installation should keep in mind:  Don’t get so overwhelmed with the aesthetic that you forget about the function. Both are equally important, so consider your lifestyle and priorities before you begin shopping.
The end-goal for residential is very different than the end-goal for commercial flooring. Of course offices and facilities want their floors to look great, but major concerns are substantial foot traffic and hefty equipment.

When the installation is in a house, however, people want overall design, style, durability and easy care. That’s always the case, whether you live in Myrtle Beach or elsewhere.

And that is why it’s also important to shop locally for your flooring, so the staff’s personal touch and expertise, can help guide you through the installation process.

Talk to your flooring expert and ask what kind on installation might be best for you, and address concerns about both products and service.

Ask yourself:
  • In what room will the flooring installation take place? For instance, you might want a carpet installation throughout the house, but that doesn’t mean only one carpet for every room. For example, what works for a bedroom, may not work for a home office.
  • Does the room have southern or northern exposure?  Sunlight can actually have a bearing on color.
  • Is your home traditional, casual contemporary, beachy and airy, cottage-like, etc? We ask these questions because of transitions; the materials and color will still need to complement each other.  Otherwise, you’ll just have a chaotic decor.
  • What is your budget?  Important to know, since you need to know all the alternatives.  For example, you can still get a remarkably similar look in stone, hardware or tile, at the fraction of the cost with luxury vinyl or laminate.

Feel free to come into the Young Interiors  showroom in either Myrtle Beach or Longs, S.C, to learn more.