Free In-Home Measurements/Carpet Disposal

Free in-home measurements and carpet removal

Free In-Home Measurement

At Young Interiors, we not only offer quality carpet and other flooring products but also ensure hassle-free installation services. One secret to our dependable installation is detailed in-home measurements. Calculating the amount of carpet or flooring you need can be difficult without proper measurements. Instead of estimating the amount you need, we send a trained flooring specialist to your home to quickly measure your rooms and create an accurate flooring order from our extensive inventory.

Free Measurements

We offer this as a completely free service for you. Do not worry about measuring your own rooms or ordering too much flooring for your project. Whether you are ordering porcelain tile for a single room or carpet for your entire home, we will measure your home in the North Myrtle Beach area before scheduling an installation. This convenient service gives you peace of mind and promotes an efficient process.

Benefits of In-Home Measurements

Without a detailed measurement, your carpet, tile, hardwood, or laminate flooring order may not be accurate. Ordering too much flooring could be costly and require us to return unused materials to our showroom. If you purchase too little flooring, it can stall your installation project. Carpet works best with minimal seams, so ordering a roll that is too short is not ideal for quality home carpets. Schedule an in-home measurement today before exploring our extensive showroom of quality flooring in The Grand Strand. 

*Disclaimer: Not all items can be returned or may be subject to a restocking fee. *

Carpet Disposal

Are you replacing your outdated carpet with a new product from our showroom? At Young Interiors, we are committed to full-service flooring support for your convenience. This includes carpet disposal, ordering, and installation. We start by carefully removing all the old carpet from your home. This includes the carpet pad, tack strips, and any glue that may have been used. Once these old components are removed from your home, we safely dispose of them and prepare for a full-service installation process. You do not have to worry about hiring another contractor to remove your carpet but turn to us for all your flooring needs.

Why Choose Young Interiors Carpet Disposal Services

Work with our team to recycle carpeting and prevent improper disposal. Many traditional garbage removal services will not accept large amounts of construction materials, including carpeting. If your carpet is old, it may have mold or other environmental concerns.

Attempting to dispose of carpet yourself can be dangerous. Some homeowners try to burn carpet once it is removed from a home. Unfortunately, carpet is created with several chemicals that can be released in a fire and affect your health and the environment.

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Schedule a free measure and estimate today to see how we can transform your home with the latest flooring options in North Myrtle Beach. Explore our extensive showroom today to see how Young Interiors can take old carpeting and turn it into stunning flooring. You can reach us by phone by calling (843) 399-6524