How Is Carpet Installed On The Stairs?

How is carpet installed on the stairs
Carpeting is a popular residential flooring choice for stairs since it is more practical than other types of floor coverings. You are less likely to slip and fall when walking on it. And if an accident should occur, the carpeting lessens the impact and chance for injury. The flooring specialists at Young Interiors Flooring Center can guide you as you browse through the many styles of flooring in our 10,000-square-foot Longs, South Carolina, showroom. We have a large inventory of in-stock flooring that is available for immediate installation.

Ideal carpet type for stairs

For best results when installing carpeting on stairs, you need to choose the right type. The carpet needs to be resilient to traffic and stable underfoot. Since the impact of foot traffic is greater on stairs than on a floor, the carpet and padding should be high quality for optimum durability. In other words, carpeting that is suitable for bedrooms and other low traffic areas may not be appropriate for stairs. A carpet that is too thick is a safety hazard as well as difficult to install. Typically, there is no warranty on the stairs, but you can find brands that offer this protection. 

Stair carpet installation

Carpet flooring can be installed on stairs using the French cap method or the waterfall technique. While the former is the best process to use because it provides the cleanest finish, the latter is easier, and therefore, more popular. With the French cap, the carpet is cut for each step. Then the carpet is folded over the end of the stair to create a ledge. The waterfall technique is self-explanatory. A length of carpet is cut and rolled out to cover all the stairs. The waterfall technique may be preferable for carpet runners or on basement steps.

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