How Narrow Or Wide Planks Affect Your Décor

How narrow or wide planks affect your décor
Did you know that having narrow planks or wide planks affects our perception of a room? When it comes to residential flooring installation, many factors influence the appearance of a space. The width of a plank, much like the length of them, changes the way we perceive everything in the room. Let's go over how narrow and wide Myrtle Beach flooring can change the look of a room instantly.

Flooring installation and optical illusion

Narrow boards tend to be associated with formal settings, highly polished rooms with high class. Vertical planks, for instance, tend to make an area look longer, whereas horizontal planks make space appear wider. Conversely, wider boards often create a room with a sense of casualness and calm. If you’re in search of a more relaxed, laidback setting for an area, you certainly can’t go wrong with wider boards.

Additionally, flooring installation boards, whether they're wide or narrow, seem to change the shape of a room. As such, you'll need to consider this visual effect when buying slats. In essence, the eye is tricked into believing something that's not true. However, because of these intricacies, the types of slats used for your flooring installation will affect the shape and size of your space. 

Small rooms and big rooms

In smaller rooms, you’ll give the impression of a bigger space if you use wide boards, especially if you choose slats of a lighter color.

In bigger rooms, you can go either wide or narrow, but you’ll need professional flooring installation services to make sure you get the effect that you want in that space. That’s because while wide boards can make the space appear larger, it can have the opposite effect if the slats aren’t installed in the proper direction.

Narrow rooms and long rooms

Using wide boards in narrow rooms is a great way to can create the effect of a wider space. To do so, lay boards down perpendicularly to the long side of the room.

In longer areas, laying down wide boards in a perpendicular direction towards the side of the long room can create the illusion of a shorter, less awkward space.

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