How to Make a Unique Mosaic Tile Tabletop That Matches Your Décor

How to make a unique mosaic tabletop that matches your décor
Improving your interior décor is a process that can be simple and easy. Focusing on your splurge design, you can keep your expenses in control by matching mosaic tile with larger neutral tiles intended to showcase your uniquely creative mosaic design. If you are working with floors and walls, you can either marry lighter colors that allow you to introduce more vibrant contrast for that pop or go with darker tones for warmth. If you have a table you are no longer pleased with, perhaps the tile left from your splurge element will let you create a new top for it that will match your décor.
An easy way to give an old table new life is to decorate it with pieces of ceramic tile and some grout. This makes great sense if you have some leftover broken pieces from a kitchen or bathroom design that used ceramic tiles. Your tabletop design can be drawn onto a piece of paper that can then be transferred to the tabletop. Your tile needs to be broken into pieces anyway, so wrap any whole tiles in a towel and gently break them into pieces using a hammer.
If you want more articulate pieces, you can use a tile nipper to carefully nibble away at tile until they resemble the shape you are after. You should use safety glasses for this part to protect your eyes. Dropping all the pieces into a bucket gives you a way to remove any sharp edges by giving them a vigorous shake to tumble them against each other. You can then start laying out the pieces of your design onto a layer of mastic, or you can use some white glue to stick them to the table top. Arrange the pieces in the configuration of your design. Allow these pieces to set up overnight.

Once the mastic or glue has fully dried, you can apply the grout using a grout float. You want to work the grout into the crevices. Scrape off excess grout with a trowel. Waiting for the grout color to get dull, you can go over it again to scrape the surface with a toothbrush or rubber scraper. This stage needs at least four hours to cure, but it is better if you can let it go for a day. At the end, use a tile sponge to get the grout haze off the tile surfaces so that only the grout between the tiles is remaining. Finally, apply wipe-on sealant to the mosaic for waterproofing.

Visit Young Interiors for Ideas

 There is a world of choices from floor to ceiling at Young Interiors, but there is no need to feel overwhelmed. Not only are there helpful professionals ready to assist you, but you can start at step one with making your selections. Focus on your choice of mosaic tiles to get inspired. There is a grand selection of tiles from which to create the mood or make a metaphor. Glass tiles offer a clean, spa-like feel with saturated colors useful for contrast as they glisten and add sparkle.
Rectilinear tiles offer a mid-century modern feel and can be featured for less when you include quiet, subtle square tiles that serve as the springboard for your mosaic design. From this mosaic feature, you can make more sophisticated decisions on your choices of paint tones and flooring surfaces, if you are going for a room remodel. The color of the floor relates to the colors of other decisions in the room. A dark floor adds a layer of contrast letting you build a lighter color palette on top of it since it grounds everything. However, a lighter floor gives you the opposite effect by visually expanding the space and allowing the furniture and artwork to pop. This is where you can use your mosaic tabletop to add some interest in the room.

Are You Looking for Mosaic Tile?

If you are after some mosaic tile either to add a central design feature to your living space or to repurpose a tabletop to match your interior decor, Young Interiors is at your service. If you want some help getting started on this project, you can visit our homepage or contact us directly with your ideas. We have a marvelous supply of materials from which to make your selections. To learn more about our services, ask us about getting a free consultation and estimate on remodeling your living spaces.