How to Select Quality Beach House Flooring in Myrtle Beach

How to select quality beach house flooring in Myrtle Beach
When selecting a residential flooring installation in South Carolina, it's essential to find materials that can handle your beach and seaside lifestyle. Even if you're not living in a beachfront home, or directly along the shore, the fact is, you'll want your flooring installation to maintain it's shine and beauty, no matter the weather or environmental circumstances. At Young Interiors, we can help you find high-quality material and reliable flooring installation services. With our Myrtle Beach and Longs, SC showroom pros, you'll be able to narrow down what type of surfacing would best suit your residence. Let's take a look at what type of surfacing would work best in a beach house: 

Consider Engineered Hardwood

With many fine layers of ultra-protection to maintain a strong, tough surface, engineered wood is an excellent option for beach houses. Hard surfacing in coastal regions are prone to contraction, expansion, and warping, due to the perpetual presence of moisture in the air, homeowners should consider materials that have additional protective coatings.

Opt for Lighter Colors

In this type of climate and location, even if you're not frequenting the beach every day, sand somehow always manages to get into the home. If your household is bustling with pets and kids, sandy paws and feet are sure to overtax your planks. Thus, it's important to pick surfacing that can deal with many years of fun in the sun.

Choose a Finish That's Textured

Textured slats such as scraped finish or low-gloss wire-brushed styles, make for a lovely appearance, as well as a look that can hide liquid spills and food mishaps. Pick planks that have a pre-finished, cured veneer to make clean-up a cinch. The textured appearance provides ample camouflage that's very forgiving when you need it most.

Pay Attention to Slat Width

Beach houses and shoreside bungalows typically have an open floor concept. Play up the illusion of space by selecting wide planks, to make a home seem larger, airier.

Let Yourself Be Creative with Color

Go ahead and experiment with some fun colors that are reminiscent of water, as a play on your lifestyle. Consider ocean-blue slats, aqua-tinted planks or other tones that bring on a breezy, beachy vibe to your slice of heaven.