Mixing Metals: How To Incorporate One Of 2019's Hottest Trends In The New Year

Mixing metals - how to incorporate 2019's hottest trend
Mixing metals has been around for some time. However, in 2019, this age-old method is gaining new meaning in the interior design industry. When sourcing for decoration options, people tend to be monopolistic whether it’s in the bathroom, living area or the kitchen. However, you can spruce up your household by embracing the new trend of mixing metals. Home décor is all about improving the living spaces and making them have a touch of elegance that you can admire, thus, it’s important to consider all the options available that can enhance the outlook of your household. 

Tips that you can Consider while Mixing Metals 

Pick a dominant metal hue and other additional ones to complement it 

Choose one medium of metal color that shall dominate the outlook of the space matching with the color palette. Then try different metals to complement it, for example if your color palette is warm, your metal should also be warm and complemented with cool colors. For example, a stainless-steel finish could be complemented with flashes of gold in counter cabinet handles, breaking off the monotony of just one metal. 

Don't overdo the metals 

Ensure that you have one metal color and only add two or three metals. Over decoration can make the entire space lose the feel of elegance associated with mixing metals. Choose a variety of brighter and dull metals to keep the flow and ensure that they are distributed evenly to give the place a sense of order. 

Apply mirrors to resemble the reflective metals 

Huge mirrors are used to redirect lighting in living spaces, but that’s not their only use. While mixing different metal varieties is important, you ought to add a mirror to reflect the metal surfaces such as stainless steel or silver. The mirrors can make the different color palettes to pop inducing the warm home feeling. 

Always ensure that the metals match the color palette that you choose to go with 

If the color palette of the room is cool, make sure that you choose cool metals such as cast iron. However, if the color scheme is warm metals such as gold, it can be mixed up with cool hued metals such as silver. 

Adding accessories to a mixed metal décor is a plus 

You can introduce different forms of art work that complement the metals. Also, the use of chandeliers and lamps that may match the color patterns you choose for the metals tends to liven up the living spaces. These small touches of beauty exemplify the whole outlook of the design that you want for your household. 

Do not clutter the metals in one area 

If all the decorations are centralized onto one part of the room, it forms a bias, and you may not like the outcome of tour design. Instead, the metals should be spaced out to ensure the rooms get the desired outcome that invites guests into your household. 

Perform enough research to understand what you want 

Because this concept of mixing metals for interior design purposes is unfamiliar to some décor designers, it’s important that you conduct thorough research before choosing what you want. You shall have a clear mental picture of the kind of designs you would like. 

The New Year is a gift that keeps on giving, and this time round mixing metals has been reinvented in the space of interior design and décor. Hence, for any queries contact us through our website to assist you in making the right choice for your interior décor. An elegant touch gives you pride in what you achieve. 

Thus, let us assist you achieve your dream of a beautiful household by incorporating your designs while working with a team of young vibrant designers that are sure to exceed your expectations. 

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