Red Flags To Avoid In Your Search For Residential Flooring Installation

Red flags to avoid in your search for residential flooring
Residential flooring installation is a competitive field, and not everyone necessarily plays by the rules. For every legitimate, high-quality installer out there, there is a devious, fly-by-night operator who is looking to take advantage of clients who don't know better.

If you are currently shopping around for someone to perform your flooring installation, you probably want to be sure that you are dealing with legitimate operators. If you don't know what to look for, you could easily get burned in a bad way. Here are a few red flags to keep an eye out for, in your search for a top-notch residential flooring installation crew.

Condition of their location

If you pull into the lot of a prospective installer, and you see that the building is in poor repair, or that the overall area is in general disrepair, you might want to consider what that means about the operator. If a prospective installation outfit can't be trusted to take care of their own house, how can you trust them with yours?

As big a red flag as a messy location is, the absence of a brick-and-mortar location is an even bigger one. Be wary of residential flooring installation teams that appear to operate out of the back of a van, or who are unwilling to reveal the location of their offices. It's a sure sign they are not as on the up and up as they should be!

Unwillingness to show examples of work

If a prospective team is unwilling or unable to show you examples of their previous work, you probably aren't dealing with a very professional or experienced team. Viewing physical examples of previous work and interviewing references, is the best way to gauge the abilities of a team. Bad teams know this as well as good ones do. The only difference is that showing their work is only an advantage of the good ones. Head for the hills if they won't pony up evidence of their skill!

They lack proper insurance and licensing

Always be sure to confirm that your team is both licensed and insured for the type of work they are hired to do. Failure to do so can result in some serious legal and financial ramifications for you, in the event of a botched job or injury.

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