Six Commandments of a Great Residential Flooring Installation - Young Interiors Flooring Center

Did you know your flooring is probably the biggest investment you’ll ever make in your house? Yes, that’s right, and it’s also an expression of your personal style, so make that installation work.

Residential is emotionally a little different than commercial. Of course you want your office or facility flooring to look stylish and appealing, but an installation can be the jewel in the crown of a house; let’s remember also that, when it’s in our house, we look at it 24/7.
Here are six commandments you should follow when thinking about a new floor:

1. Thou shall consider lifestyle.  Do you have a large or small family?  Kids or pets?  Do you entertain frequently? What’s your budget? Most important, what’s your style?
2. Thou shall consider transitions.  Don’t think of the room as merely a separate entity, but rather, consider how it will fit in with the overall style of the house.  A lot of homes today have open floor plans, so if the living room spills over to the dining room, be sure the flooring is cohesive enough to make sense in both spaces.  Also, if you have one room in cottage-style, but another in farmhouse style, you’ll probably have a lot of visually confused people.
3. Thou shall not install yourself. All floors need a degree of subfloor work, and they all require special tools and skills. Don’t try it yourself; call a flooring professional who knows about installation; ever hear the expression “time is money?”  Not only will these services save time, but they’ll also save money and trouble.
4. Thou shall not skimp on carpet padding. That’s the stuff that sets the foundation for the carpet.  It keeps it in place without wrinkles or rolls.  Important!
5. Thou shall have a professional steam cleaning for carpet at least every 12 to 18 months. No, vacuuming alone won’t do it. Neither will those rental machines that just don’t have the kind of power needed to get deep into the fibers; or those high-powered fans the pros use to dry quickly and thoroughly, not allowing mildew to grow.
6. Thou shall learn as much as possible about flooring types and fibers. For instance, a place like Myrtle Beach can get pretty humid and wet and, since excess moisture and water can damage solid hardwood, you’ll need to know the alternatives. 

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