Six Great Flooring Options For Your Residential Installation

Six great flooring options for your residential installation
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When it’s a commercial floor, there’s one main concern: heavy foot traffic.

When it’s residential, you have to think about spills, crayon and makeup marks, pet claw dents and scratches, dropped pots and pans, standing for long periods while you prepare meals, making sure there are soft falls, especially if you have kids or elderly residents, and more. Here, the flooring needs to do two things: Express your personal style, and be an installation that will stand up to just about anything.

Young Interiors carries a fully stocked inventory of flooring product, and offers services such as installation, design consultation and carpet binding and re-stretching.

Carpet. It’s not only stylish but also works hard by insulating both noise and temperature. With such a large assortment of colors, styles, patterns, fibers and costs, there’s truly something for everyone.It’s easy to maintain, but you do need to vacuum a couple of times a week and deep clean, according to the schedule on your warranty.

No doubt, it adds warmth and elegance to any atmosphere, but it is damaged by excess water. That means it has limitations as to where it can be installed. Engineered hardwood handles water a little better, but still should not be submerged. Best to stick to the living, dining or bedroom, especially when it comes to flooring in a water area like Myrtle Beach.

Luxury vinyl. This is a wonderful, completely waterproof alternative, especially if you yearn for the look of wood (or tile) but can’t have it, either because of budget or high moisture rooms.

Laminate. You can get wonderful wood and tile looks as well, but this can also be damaged by water, if it gets into the joints, so wipe spills immediately.

Tile. As long as it’s glazed, it’s waterproof. Tiles aren’t just for the bathroom; create a unique backsplash for your kitchen, an accent wall for the living room, or use glass tiles around the shower.

Stone. People use it for installation both indoors, as well as outdoors, on walkways. This flooring adds a lot of architectural interest, but it can be porous, so be sure to ask your floor pro about polishing and sealing.

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