Tips For Your Next Flooring Installation

Tips for your next flooring installation
Whether your new flooring installation is hardwood, carpet, or laminate flooring, the installation is as important as the product itself, going a long way toward great appearance, performance, and longevity. Locally owned and operated, Young Interiors treats your home as if it were their own and provides tips on getting the flooring installation that will be the jewel in the crown of your home.

Prepare thoroughly

These are some things you need to consider well ahead of the big day:
  • Who is responsible for what? In some cases, the installer will move the big furniture, but you might be responsible for some breakables, be sure to communicate.
  • What does the installation fee cover? We can provide detailed information to ensure there are no surprises
  • How long will it take? Some floorings can be done in a day or just hours. Others will take longer because there are multiple steps, we will help you plan accordingly.
  • Are you installing in one room or multiple areas? This could affect the amount of furniture you need to move or maybe store.
  • When can you move furniture back in or walk on it? Be aware that there are often time differences between the two, so we will be very specific.
  • How noisy will it get?
  • What happens if my subfloor needs repair? In other words, is that part of the estimate or an additional fee? We will be sure to run you through everything.

Why do I need to hire a professional to do this?

You could spend more if you try to do it yourself, what with costly repairs, replacements before it's time, and possibly even a voided warranty. Many manufacturers have detailed instructions that expect them to be strictly followed. Our professionals have the knowledge to spot potential problems, avoid them, or handle them quickly should they occur. A good example is a laminate installation. When installed correctly, it can become almost waterproof, and the installer will know if special caulking or extenders are needed, but unprofessional work results in less water resistance.

To learn more about our high-quality flooring installations, come into the Young Interiors showroom in Longs, SC. We provide residential flooring installations in Lowcountry, especially North Myrtle Beach, Myrtle Beach, Conway, Little River, and surrounding areas. Come in for your free quote.