Trust These 5 Hardwood Trends For 2019

Trust these 5 hardwood trends for 2019
A residential flooring installation is always an exciting renovation. Not only does it completely update your home and breathe new life to your interior, but it also adds a significant amount of value overall. In 2019, we have quite a few hot trends when it comes to Myrtle Beach flooring. Without further ado, let’s check them out and see if they’re right for you!

Go for lighter colors

Just a few decades ago, dark was all the rage. In fact, the darker the flooring installation, the better it was design-wise, at the time. Nowadays, things are really lightening up, with white French oak being a favorite. Paired with a chemical reactive stain, white French oak gains a unique appearance that’s light in color and provides an airy sensation to the space.

Popular neutrals – beige and gray are in

Although gray has been a widely used neutral for a very long time now, it’s getting its own unique spin with variant tones, an evolution of gray, if you will. The transition, it seems as of late, is also leaning towards beige territory, lighter browns in general. While gray provides an excellent backdrop in any setting, beige is paving its own way, giving homeowners a modern neutral that’s warm and homey.

Wire-brushed beautification

Piggy-backing onto the preference of a gray or beige palette, the addition of a wire-brushed effect also injects one-of-a-kind texture. Not only is it unbelievably stunning in a room, but the graining design also offers a means of hiding dust, scratches and dirt.

A finish that looks natural

Ask our flooring installation services experts and they’ll tell that, ultimately, the styles always go back to the basics. One of these classic looks is the natural finish, a trend we revisit time and time again over the years. Why is that, you may wonder? Well, many homeowners want to stay away from passing trends. And as such, end up creating a new trend by bringing back all-natural finishes.

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