Types Of Installation For Luxury Vinyl Flooring

Types of installation for luxury vinyl flooring
Several flooring installation methods are available when choosing luxury vinyl flooring, with options that match your need perfectly. Some ways are better than others, but we will work with you towards your specific goals and requirements to ensure the perfect installation the first time.

Flooring installation and you

Like there are wide varieties of luxury vinyl flooring, there are also many ways to install it. We will consider many factors when helping you choose your installation method, including subfloor materials, new flooring, traffic levels, and waterproof requirements.

The glue-down method is popular, especially with the more affordable luxury vinyl products. It's a great choice when you need the most permanent option for specific places.

Some of these materials will give you the option for a click and lock installation method, where the pieces fit together and lock into place to create a floating floor. Some of the variations you'll see with this include loose-lay and a floating floor glued around the perimeters for added stability and security.

No matter which type of installation your chosen floor covering requires, you'll find the results to be perfect every time. If you have questions concerning your desired installation method, be sure to speak with a flooring professional for all the answers.

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