What Floor Coverings Can You Install Thermal Heated Floors Under?

What floors can you install thermal heated floors under
There are a surprisingly large number of flooring installation types that work well with thermal heating. Nonetheless, that still means there are some types of floors that don’t work well with this kind of heating system. Let’s go over a few of the more popular types of compatible materials you may want to choose if you’re considering thermal subfloor heating, to narrow down your best options.


Another excellent option for underfloor heating, a laminate installation allows the heat to penetrate the material and disperse into the room. However, with hydraulic heating systems, precautions must be taken to prevent permanent damage should moisture escape. As recommended by the manufacturer, the system temperature will need to be kept below a maximum temperature point.

Luxury vinyl

Luxury vinyl planks, tiles or sheets are very resilient, and thus, can have heating installed under them. There are, however, maximum temperatures to keep in mind, so as with laminate floors, it is essential to check the installation guidelines from the manufacturer. In general, during the first 24 hours of use, begin with 70 degrees F, increasing to no more than 85 degrees F.

Hardwood flooring

While it is possible to install heating under a hardwood installation, it is a lot easier to do so under an engineered hardwood installation. Then again, this all depends on exactly what type of system you’re planning on getting. In a solid installation, quarter-sawn planks are ideal over plain-sawn planks. Furthermore, the heating element should be embedded within concrete or contained within a traditional subfloor. Instead of wide planks, choose narrower boards, as the many seams allow for flexibility upon expansion and contraction. 

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