What Flooring Should You Install In A Bedroom

what flooring should you install in a bedroom

The priority of this room is to provide a cushiony, soft surface underfoot, so the first choice would most likely be carpet. However, the truth is that any flooring installation would work so long as it addresses your requirements and meets your lifestyle and budget. That includes resilient surfaces like luxury vinyl or even hard surfaces like tile, where some, who live in tropical-like climates, like to step out on something cool in the morning.

How will you use the room?

On the surface, that sounds like a silly question, but these days, bedrooms are often more than just places to sleep. They include treadmills or other exercise equipment; have home offices or spaces for paying bills or reading; can even be a center of family activity, where kids join their parents to watch television, play games, and snack. Also, determine a budget and overall home décor.

Why rugs work for bedroom flooring

A carpet installation is usually the preferred choice for the bedroom and comes in many colors, styles, and designs; there's something for everyone and every budget. Salient points include eliminating noise, so clacking heels, muffled conversations, and beeping electronic devices are a thing of the past and providing cushioning to soften falls. Both of these are substantial advantages if you have infants, young children, toddlers just learning to walk, shift-workers, and senior residents.

Please pay particular attention to fiber and pile because they both determine comfort and wear. Fiber is the foundation of a rug; it refers to the materials from which the yarns are made. Pile means how the fibers are looped through the backing, which determines style. Come into our Longs, SC carpet store to learn more.

If you have a hard surface in your bedroom, keep in mind that you can also provide cushioning with area rugs; see our rug binding department for more information.

For more information about a flooring installation for the bedroom or any other area, come to the Young Interiors Flooring Center in Longs, SC. You can go in to learn more about carpet, area rugs or get a design consultation or free flooring installation quote. We work with homeowners and businesses in North Myrtle Beach, Myrtle Beach, Conway, Little River, and surrounding areas.