What Is The Best Residential Flooring Installation For Me?

What is the best residential flooring installation for me
The answer really depends upon the room in which it’s to be installed. Unlike commercial, where there’s usually one big space, with only two priorities, attractive flooring that is also highly durable, the residential home has many rooms, so each installation will be somewhat different.

Young Interiors, whose tagline is: “Flooring The Carolinas Since 1989,” is the expert on flooring in Myrtle Beach and surrounds. The company’s complete product line consists of carpet, tile, hardwood, luxury vinyl, natural stone and glass tile. The company also offers services, such as installation, design consultation, rug binding, free in-home measurement and others, to make your flooring the jewel in the crown of your home.

Here, they say, are just some of the ways a room can affect priorities:
  • Will it be in a sunny and hot room? UV rays cause as much damage to furnishings and the floor as with skin. Hardwood not only fades, but can actually change colors when exposed to constant sunlight.
    Luxury vinyl tile and carpet are also prone to fading. Have good window coverings and move furniture around periodically, or just go with a material like laminate (which is fade resistant); stone (which can be re-polished to repair fading), or tile (doesn’t fade).
  • Is it a high-moisture room? Water is the enemy of hardwood, so it’s never recommended for the bathroom. It’s also questionable for kitchens, especially if they are prone to leaks or fading. There are many materials that are completely impervious to water, such as luxury vinyl flooring or tile.
  • Is the room humid? Sometimes even a bedroom can be a little muggy. If your flooring of choice is wood, be sure to acclimate it before any installation. Your pro can give you more information on this easy process.
  • Do you have kids, pets or heavy foot traffic? If so, you’ll want something highly durable.
  • Are you installing on stairs? Safety is the biggest priority, and carpet’s usually best, but be sure it’s a style that won’t catch and make you fall!
  • Is it a home office? Mobility is a big issue, since you’ll have chairs with wheels and heavy furniture.

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