What Questions Should I Ask When Buying Flooring?

What questions should I ask when buying flooring
When it comes to anything residential, it’s always about “Form + Function” and that certainly pertains to your home’s ground. The battle cry here is usually “Design from the floor up!”

Flooring is not just an expression of your personal style, but that installation will also be one of the biggest, if not the biggest, investment that you’ll make in your home.

Young Interiors are experts on flooring. They think all consumers should ask plenty of questions when choosing the right installation, including:
  • What’s my budget? Look at the total budget, not just the price of the flooring because there are additional costs such as haul-away, installation and other services.
  • Can I be flexible enough to choose alternatives when needed? Example--say you’re longing for a wood floor, but your wallet says no. There are wood-look laminates and luxury vinyl's, all great mimics of the “real thing” , but at lesser price points. Would you consider them?
  • Is my neighborhood noisy? While residential streets tend to be a little quieter than commercial areas, you can still hear the sounds of neighbors, or even your own kids, as well as the beeping of electronic devices. Especially if you work at home, you may want to choose a flooring material that’s a good noise insulator; an installation that will cushion all the tap-tap-tapping, voices and electronic beeps.
  • Do I want to install the floor as a DIY project, or will I hire someone? Some, such as laminate and luxury vinyl, are floating installations (which means they don’t attach directly to sub-floors) and just click and lock together. Others, like carpet, tile and hardwood, require special skills and tools, often some sub-floor prep, and are best left to the experts.
  • Will it work with my lifestyle? Do I have kids? Pets? Elderly residents, who might use wheelchairs and walkers, living with me? Do I entertain frequently? Do I hate to vacuum? What’s my home’s style?
  • In what room will it be installed? Is the room hot, sunny, or humid? Does the room have heavy foot traffic?

If you have more questions, feel free to visit the Young Interiors showrooms in Myrtle Beach or Longs, SC.