Why Carpet Installations Are Great For Bedrooms

why carpet installations are great for bedrooms

Homeowners love carpet for a multitude of reasons, and you will too. When choosing a flooring type for your bedroom, you'll want something warm and soft to step out on first thing in the morning.

You'll also want something that reduces noise, especially if you have residents who are infants, young children, or shift workers. Carpet eliminates footsteps, sounds from beeping devices, and muffled conversations, and it's undoubtedly soft; if you have toddlers (who fall a lot as they're learning to walk), a rug will provide enough cushion for a mild fall.

High or low pile carpet?

Many styles and designs work for the bedroom at our Longs, SC carpet store, but this is your opportunity to indulge in a high pile like the shag. These rugs are beautiful and fluffy, but we recommend them only for low-traffic rooms like the bedroom because they are more challenging to clean.

Shags, once known for their iconic gold, green and brown colors, now come in an expanded color palette with everything from red, purple, green, black, orange solids, and multi-colors. Come to see our inventory of shags, textured rugs, patterned loops, and more.

What about Saxony Straight?

Also referred to as Saxony Plush, densely packed fibers give it a soft, luxurious, and velvety feel. In addition, a plush has the fibers going in only one direction to show footprints and other markings. Because of that, we recommend it mainly for low traffic rooms, like the bedroom.

Plenty of rugs are just as soft, including patterned loops, like the Berber; frieze with fibers so tightly twisted they curl; Saxony Texture (or "Trackless") or a cut and loop where the various heights create patterns such as pin-dots and geometrics.

Come into the Young Interiors showroom in Longs, SC, to explore our inventory of shags, patterned loops, and other carpet styles, all from some of the most well-known mills like Mohawk. Find out what makes us stand out from all the rest and get a free flooring installation quote while you’re here. We work with residential and commercial projects in and around Longs, North Myrtle Beach, Myrtle Beach, Conway, Little River, and surrounding areas.