Wood - When You Want To Go Back To Basics

Wood - When you want to get back to basics
With all these new surfacing materials available nowadays, it can be easy to get caught up in the excitement and overlook the ‘good ‘ol’ favorites. But, when you think of it, solid hardwood has been around for centuries, and isn’t there a good reason for it? Walk into any turn-of-the-century house and check out what residential flooring installation you’re walking on. Dependable, stylish, durable hardwood, there’s simply nothing comparable. So, for today at Young Interiors, we’re going to go back to basics and talk about… wood!

Add Unique Style to Any Room

At our Myrtle Beach and Longs, SC showrooms, our experts can talk all day long about hardwood flooring installation. And why not, it’s their specialty! So, when homeowners ask if we carry surfacing that’s truly unique, our pros will immediately bring up hardwood. Myrtle Beach flooring doesn’t necessarily require too much maintenance due to our mild climate, so there’s no worry about choosing planks that need a significant amount of upkeep. On the contrary, hardwood is surprisingly tough and durable, with most homeowners assuming it’ll take a lot of work to keep up those gorgeous slats. But that’s not the case at all! Therefore, you can take advantage of the seemingly endless hardwood colors, designs, grain patterns, and plank sizes. From exotic species like Tigerwood, Black Cherry, and Red Alder, to American favorites like Red Oak, Maple, Ash, and Tulipwood, you’d be hard-pressed to select just one!

Choose a Material That Will Last for Generations

When you choose hardwood, you’ll likely never have to call flooring installation services for as long as you’re living in your home. That’s because your new hard surfacing is built to last for a long time, generations, in many cases. However, in the event that you want to redo your surfacing to bring it up-to-date with current color trends, or if your home sustains some sort of damage and you need to fix an issue, it’s relatively simple to refinish your planks. Now, that’s another reason why ‘going back to basics’ is an excellent approach to a renovation. When you opt for hardwood, you’re selecting a prime material that is versatile and will last a really long time.