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Why New Hardwood Flooring is Right for You!

If 100 homeowners were asked which flooring they truly preferred, it’s likely most of them would answer, “hardwood”. Reasons vary for that decision, but include the massive life span it has, the durability of the flooring, as well as the absolute elegance it fills a home with. Add in the fact that you’re able to change staincolors and finish styles when it’s time to refinish them, and you have one of the most appealing floor coverings on the market.

Young Interiors Flooring Center offers years of experience and know-how to each and every customer we serve. With one of the largest flooring inventories available, we are able to meet your budget, your needs, and your preferences with ease. We serve the areas of North Myrtle Beach, Myrtle Beach, Conway, Little River, and Carolina Forest, from our two showrooms located in Myrtle Beach and Longs, SC. We look forward to having the opportunity to serve you too.

The many faces of hardwood flooring

Once you’ve made the decision to have hardwood flooring installed in your home, there are still several options you’ll have left to consider. These options give you the ability to truly personalize your floors, so that they match your specific needs and preferences.

First, there is the question of species. If you have a high traffic, high energy household, you’ll want to choose a very hardwood, such as Oak. It withstands more everyday wear and tear and you’ll spend less time maintaining it, and more time enjoying it. On the other hand, spaces that have little to no traffic can easily be floored with a softer wood, and you still won’t lose your peace of mind.

Once you’ve decided upon a wood species for your floors, you can move on to the particular stain color you want. If you’ve chosen a wood that already has a beautiful color naturally, such as the rosy Cherry wood, you might consider a simple clear stain and clear finish, in order to show that off. The stain colors go on from there, and can be very dark, if you choose.

Finally, the perfect finish will complete your floor’s look. Glossy finishes are very popular with most homeowners, but that isn’t your only choice. The hand scraped finish is becoming very popular, as is the vintage and distressed looks. These also serve the dual purpose of helping to hide signs of everyday wear and year as well.

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