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Rug Binding


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Rug Binding Services in South Carolina

Rug binding by Young Interiors Flooring Center lets you create beautiful area rugs and runners to match the installed carpeting.

The craftsmen at Young Interiors Flooring Center know that making area rugs and runners out of remnants and small pieces of carpet makes rug binding a more widespread practice every day. Just what is rug binding? As a product, it is a piece of fabric, often cotton, used to encase the rough-cut edges of a piece of carpet.

Leaving a piece of carpet unbound can result in the edges unraveling, leaving a sloppy looking edge. If the carpet is left unbound, it can also lead to the deterioration of the structural integrity of the rug.

Binding comes in a variety of widths and decorator colors. Your Young Interiors Flooring Center expert can help you pick out the correct color and correct width of binding tape for the project. But beyond the practicality of binding a piece of carpet into a rug, binding the edges of the carpet piece immediately, greatly enhances the look of your new custom made area rug.
Rug binding in Longs, SC

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Estimated costs for rug binding services at Young Interiors Flooring Center vary, based on the binding material used and the cost per linear foot.

Pricing for rug binding varies depending on the number of linear feet of carpet edge to be bound. For example, a 9 x 12 piece of carpet will require 42 linear feet of binding. At $2.00* per linear foot (* for demonstration purposes only), the cost of binding this carpet to make a rug, amounts to $84.

It’s an economical and reliable procedure. It also brings another finishing touch to your existing flooring. Your new custom-bound area rug can be used on the hard surface floor in an adjoining room, carrying your color scheme throughout your home.

Young Interiors Flooring Center serves the North Myrtle Beach, Myrtle Beach, Longs, Garden City/Surfside, and Calabash areas. Our floor covering experts stand ready to assist you with any rug binding project.